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about hedayat noor

Moving in the fields of science and new technology such as designing & manufacturing the satellite, represents the scientific, technical and national technological level of a country. Due to the country needs of developing space projects and the complexity of the space design of manufacturing and testing of space products and research satellites based ok space standards, were made efforts to identify and utilize the capabilities of domestic products compete with modern countries in space field and by notice the strategic of the activities in this area and its relevance with industry and university, started a collaboration between this company and prestigious universities of the country to design and manufacture the power supplies for satellites space projects.

In line of power supplies for satellites production projects, the production experience came together in industry, engineering and design science in the universities and satellite built became native in country and committed the forces to be trained and trained and qualified that they can take action in the proper context to expansion of space activities and upgrade the technology level in accordance with specifications and space international standards.

This company was established in 1989 as the explicit manufacturer of optical fiber photovoltaic solar cells panels in Iran in the area of 5000 square meters in Poonak district of Tehran and was used in 1992 & was fully privatized in 2004 as a subsidiary of Shahid Ghandi Corporation Complex.

Hedayat Noor Research Solar Energy Co. proudly announces contribution of reducing fossil fuel usage by manufacturing PV panel’s production and designing of various solar support systems in order to generate solar power as a clean energy and by taking advantage of the world’s technology. The technical knowledge of manufacturing PV products is based on Siemens & AEG with nearly 20 years technological effort and experience is the prior. Now, a new line with capacity of 10 MW for solar panels production in different types of watts has been established in the city of Yazd for covering the power necessities of the country.